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Passionate about helping you find your true self

My main goal is to help you unearth deeper insights into your true essence, guiding you on harnessing your innate energy to maximize every aspect of your journey. I mean, think about it - how often do we find ourselves banging on closed doors, feeling drained, or doubting if we're even on the right path? I've definitely been down that road, and it's no fun. There's this innate fire within us, a deep-seated intuition, waiting to be recognized and embraced. By intentionally tapping into that and acknowledging our true self, we can align with our core purpose in this vast universe.


Back in 2020, I faced a significant health challenge, and it was a major wake-up call. It's one thing to say "live in the moment," but facing the fragility of life head-on made me truly understand the weight of that phrase. Every day is a gift, and the promise of tomorrow isn't guaranteed.

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This realization pushed me to take a step back, assess how I was living, and recognize that for way too long, I'd been caught in a cycle of trying to meet everyone else's expectations. I felt this burning desire to reconnect with a part of myself that had been crying out for acknowledgment for ages. I'd dabbled in self-development for years, but it was during this period in 2020 that I delved deep and serendipitously discovered Human Design.

And oh boy, what a revelation it has been! It's like unearthing a personalized roadmap to your soul. It's transformed not just my perspective, but also how I interact with the world around me, and I've seen its incredible impact on others too. With Human Design, you get this profound clarity into your very being, offering tools and guidance that feel like they’ve been tailor-made for you. And there's something so powerful and affirming about being told things about yourself that, deep down, you've always felt but perhaps couldn't articulate.

I'm a Splenic Projector. It's been instrumental in my journey, and I'm truly passionate about guiding you towards discovering and embracing the authentic you – the version that's been there all along, waiting to shine.

Imagine unlocking those layers together.

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