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Passionate about helping you find your true self

My mission is to give you more insight into who you are. Showing you how to best use your energy and get the most out of your life. How often do you run into closed doors, are you tired and do not want to succeed. I've been there and seen it all. That fire in you, that feeling of knowing. This can be stimulated by consciously seeing who you really are and what you come into this world to do.

When I became ill in 2020, it was time for me to completely change my life. Through such a life event you suddenly realize that you only have today and that tomorrow is not certain. With those thoughts I started looking for myself. For years I have lived a life full of expectations of others. I craved that part of me that had been demanding attention for years. I had been working on self-development for years, but in 2020 I made the deep dive and Human Design came my way.


It has changed my life and that of the people around me so much. Human Design gives you an insight into your true being, your nature. It gives you a manual and tools to get the most out of yourself. How nice is it to receive confirmation of the things you already know deep inside?


I'm a Splenic Projector and I'm here to bring you to the version of yourself you've always been.

x    Ingeborg 

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