So you are a Generator...

Generators energy is the most attractive of all the Human Design types! Together with the Manifesting Generator they have the most magnetic, sparkling and up lifting aura.  Everyone will me drawn to them. "You can spot a true Generator from a mile away" ✨


When Generators really do what they love, they create the energy for themselves and the people around them. About 35% of the world are Generators and the creative forces of life! Generators have the energy and focus to build, create and master. Use this energy to do what makes you happiest.

Believe it or not. You are not the only one.


..of all the people on earth are Generators. 

Creative Workforce have the energy to keep going. this makes you the backbone of society.

Generators are sacral are here to respond to what live gives you.

Oprah generator.jpg

Oprah Winfrey

2/4 Emotional Generator

STEVE JOBS genertor.jpg

Steve Jobs

6/3 Emotional Generator

Lady Gaga generator.jpg

Lady Gaga

5/1 Sacral Generator

zendaya generator_edited.jpg


5/1 Emotional Generator

What makes
you a generator?

Generators are driven by the largest motor center in the chakra system, the sacral. If it is defined (colored in) in your chart you are always a Generator or a Manifesting Generator. This center generates the life energy that sets everything in the world in motion, hence the name 'generator'. It is the energy that gives us life, the energy of desire, creation and procreation.


Generators have this life energy at their disposal at all times, that is what makes them the creators of the world. This energy is created in the sacral when you as a Generator do what really lights you up. The sacral centre works as a motor who gets fueled when the Generator follow his desires. This generates the energy to continue doing what makes you go all day. Generators literally overflow with enthusiasm that they use to get them selves and others moving. A Generator that lives up to its design will attract everyone, they have a magnetic aura that transcends to everything and everyone around them.


Therefore It's so important for a Generator to find out what it is that makes them happy. The role of a Generator is to create, build and inspire.


Do you want to know what it means to you to be a Generator? Check out the videos or book a reading for a deep dive into your Human Design chart!

The Generator


" Wow, I could do this all day and never get tired.." 

Human Design Explained

Human Design Explained