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So you are a Manifesting 


Manifesting Generators are just as sparkly and magnatic as the Generators. They are energy types and therefore create their own energy. MenGen's are masters at doing things differently. Their lives are not linear and are therefore an inspiration to others. They both have Manifestor and Generator energy which means they can spark, start and finish what ever it is they like to do. The beautiful thing about being a MenGen is you don't need to finish it if the spark is gone. ✨ 


MenGen's are multi passionate and can therefore do all different  things at the same time. They create their own path and follow what their heart desires. What's most important for a MenGen's is to let go of all the traditional rules of success and do things their own way.

Do you want to know what it means to you to be a Generator and help you rediscover yourself? Take a deep dive into your chart and book a session with me! 

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