So you are a Manifesting 

Manifesting Generators are just as sparkly and magnatic as the Generators. They are energy types and therefore create their own energy. MenGen's are masters at doing things differently. Their lives are not linear and are therefore an inspiration to others. They both have Manifestor and Generator energy which means they can spark, start and finish what ever it is they like to do. The beautiful thing about being a MenGen is you don't need to finish it if the spark is gone.  


MenGen's are multi passionate and can therefore do all different  things at the same time. They create their own path and follow what their heart desires. What's most important for a MenGen's is to let go of all the traditional rules of success and do things their own way.

Believe it or not, you are not the only one..


..of all the people on earth are Manifesting Generators. 

Creative Hybrids have the energy to initiate and the energy to create.

Multi passionate beings are here to follow all your desires and be spontaneous.



1/3  Pure Manifesting Generator

tony_robins2 MG_edited.jpg

Tony Robbins

6/2 Emotional Manifesting Generator


Martin Luther King

5/1 Pure Manifesting Generator

angelina jolie manifesting generator.jpeg

Angelina Jolie

3/5 Emotional Manifesting Generator

What makes
you a Manifesting Generator?

Manifesting Generators are driven by the largest motor center in the chakra system, the sacral. If it is defined (colored in) in your chart you are always a Generator or a Manifesting Generator.

The difference between a Pure Generator and a Manifesting one, is the connection between a motor centre and the throat


Manifesting Generators are the multi-passionate hybrids of this world. Its so energetically correct for them to have different passions, different life goals, different careers throughout their lives. They are not not linear, their path is not in a straight line as we are used to in this life. For a Manifesting Generator this is their biggest strength. This is where their most valuable lessons lie. By being so passionate about so many different things and actually being able to follow their passions, they gain the most skills.

The Manifesting Generator carry a mix of Manifestor and Generator energy. The Generator side is responding by listening to the gut, and the Manifestor side in you is the spontaneous side that can initiate. 


It's so important for a Manifesting Generator to find out what it is that makes them happy. Your role here is to dance with life, create, build and inspire.


Do you want to know what it means to you to be a Manifesting Generator? Check out the videos or book a reading for a deep dive into your Human Design chart!

The Manifesting

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"Wow, I can hold all this energy, I feel super human..!"

Human Design Explained

Human Design Explained