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Human Design Masterclass

Do you want an easy and accessible way to learn more about Human Design? Then this is a great way to start. Through a number of videos I explain the basic principles. The energy types, which authority and stratigy goes with it. It's a simple way to learn more. If you want to know more, take a deeper dive into your own design, then a Flow Session is a second step for you.

The videos are about 40 minutes and you have immediate access after payment

Videos are in both English and Dutch


What Clients Say

My human design Session with Ingeborg was a wonderful experience. I have always been interested in understanding why I am the way I am, why I make the choices I make and behave in a certain matter at work and in my private life. I wasn’t aware of the existence of Human Design before I spoke with a close friend, who introduced me to Human Design. Ingeborg was able to teach me very clearly in an un-complex way, the lessons of being my “true” self. From the single session I had with Ingeborg there were a lot of positives that came with me accepting myself entirely for who I am, regardless of it not being scientific backed by facts.  In some ways it was great to reconfirm some personal trades and behaviours I was already aware of, but that I wasn’t able to structure as well as she did. I truly recommend giving a session a go. I now feel I live life in a far more confident way, knowing myself so much better and accepting that I can’t control everything all the time.

Wouter B.

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