So you are a Projector...

I'm a Projector and I've never felt more like myself since knowing I'm a Projector. Projectors are one of the non-energy types. It is not literally that Projectors don't have energy, but they do not create their own energy. Imagine having a battery that's only filled up have way all of the time and there is no plug nearby. So you need to be very selective with the energy you spend, before you can recharge again. ✨


For Projectors its all about seeing and not all the doing. As a Projector you have the energy to see other people deeply. Therefore it's important that they share their vision and lead the way.  Only 20% of society are Projectors, which means that Projectors are born in a world that was not necessarily build for them. What makes it sometimes hard to keep up with the rest of the world.. 

Believe it or not, you are not the only one..


..of all the people on earth are Projectors. 

The Wise Seers are not here to only do, but to see deeply into others..

Lead the way are intuitively connected to what's possible, share you wisdom when ever your invited

colin kaepernick projector.jpeg

Colin Kaepernick

3/5 Splenic Projector


Barak Obama

6/2 Emotional Projector

diana projecor.jpeg

Princess Diana

1/3 Emotional Projector

nelson projector.jpeg

Nelson Mandela

5/1 Splenic Projector

What makes
you a Projector?

Projectors always have an undefined (not colored) or open sacral center. When there is also no connection between the other motor centers and the throat, you are a Projector. The Projectors have the most variables, which means that the design of a Projector can always be very different.


Projectors are the latest energy types. Projectors are non-energy beings and are not here to act, but to show how they can improve this life. Projectors have the gift and aura to really see others. This is what Projectors are good at. It's not about all the doing, it's about what they see With this they can lead the way and show which one can we all move up to. The biggest myth is that Projectors have to live and work like a Generator. Create, produce and always be busy. This is not energetically correct for Projectors. They can see with their foresight what it takes to lead the way. Projectors are the guides of society and are there to find work in peace. For Projectors, it's not about how much or how hard you work, but about what you've seen in the moment of observation and sharing it when the invitation is there.


Do you want to know what it means to you to be a Projector? Check out the videos or book a reading for a deep dive into your Human Design chart!

The Projector


Wow, it feels like i'm doing nothing, yet its all happening..

Human Design Explained

Human Design Explained