So you are a Reflector...

Reflectors are the rarest type of all of us. Only 1% of the world is a Reflector, so how special is that! Reflectors use their energy very differently than the other types. They are non-energy types like Projectors, which means that the Reflector don't create their own energy.


Reflectors can empathize very well and are therefore the mirrors of society. They feel so deeply and reflect back what is needed. Place a Reflector in the middle of a group and it will tell you what the void is like. Reflectors therefore carry the most wisdom because they can really feel and sense what others need.

Believe it or not, you are not the only one..


..of all people on earth are Reflectors

The Wise Mirrors are not here to only do, but to feel what it is your feeling in the group

Reflect and share

you are here to be larger then life and see your openness as your biggest gift 

sandra bullock reflector.jpeg

Sandra Bullock

2/4 Reflector

rob lowe reflector.jpeg

Rob Lowe

5/1 Reflector

Mata Amritanandamaya reflector.jpeg


6/2 Reflector

uri geller reflector_edited.jpg

Uri Geller

6/2 Reflector

What makes
you a Reflector?

Reflectors are the rarest types in the Human Design system. What makes them so special is that they have no defined centers in their design. They are completely open, just as beautiful as a blanc canvas! Since they also do not have a colored sacral center, they are non-energy beings just like the Projectors. Reflectors are not here to create, build and do, but to share and guide their wisdom.


Because Reflectors are open and undefined makes them very sensitive to their environment. They take in everything and amplified what it is that's happening around them. This makes them the perfect mirrors of society. Reflectors  can actually feel to their core what is going on in the group.


Because Reflectors are so open, they take in the energy, desires and emotions of others and come to accept them as their own. Reflectors are actually everything and nothing at all. We don't need to put labels on it or put everybody in boxes. This is what the Reflectors are here to teach us. Feel more, live more in the moment and just be.


Reflectors are larger than life and with so much unique wisdom to share with the world. The most important lesson for a Reflector is to learn to navigate with the openness in their design, this will gives them the most strength in life.


Do you want to know what it means to you to be Reflector ? Watch the videos or book a reading for a deep dive into your Human Design chart!

The Reflector


"Everything is moving, I just have to follow.."

Human Design Explained

Human Design Explained