Human Design is a system to better understand yourself.

Lua Lua offers a wide variety of tools that provide insight into how you deal with life, where you get your energy and how you can become better version of yourself. For yourself and the people around you. 


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What is Human Design?

At Lua Lua we see Human Design as the "nature" part in "nature vs. nurture". We believe that it can be difficult to see the difference between the two. That is why at Lua Lua we will help you reconnect with nature and see how your nurture has affected who you truly are meant to be. 

Book a session and see how you can become the best version of yourself. Move trough the world in flow and achieve greater succes.

Discover your design.

Human Design is determined by the correlation between where and when you are born and where the planet and stars where during that time. 

To start the journey, simply fill out this form and find out with energy type you have. this is completely free and will already give you insight into who you are.

Understanding yourself and live a more
fullfilling life

Too often we second guess ourselves and try to fit in into what our upbringing and society is dictating us. this means that how you feel you should operate and how you actually operate could be vastly different.


This  means that apart from giving it your all to be the best entrepreneur, employee, mother, friend, you might still feel you come up short.


You are swimming against your own current. This could lead to burn outs, depression or other stress related conditions. 

By learning about your nature trough Human Design you could perform on a higher level in a more sustainable way. 

Everyone defines succes differently. Human Design creates your own definition and helps you achieve this. 

Find out now how you can reach your highest potential by doing a simple intake. Together we can establish the best strategy for you to follow.

Personal growth is different for everyone.

People move and grow in different speeds. Since the basic of Human Design teaches us that we all take in information differently, we have created several types of sessions and programs.  In each we make the connection between your nature and the conditioning we all have.  Find what's right for you in a single session or go deeper with our programs.