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Human Design Flow Session

Find out how to use Human Design and which approach is best for you.

Service Description

Before we dive in. Before doing a one-on-one session with Ingeborg it can be helpful to get to know each other and prepare. What do you want to know about yourself? What do you want to improve on or recalibrate for yourself? In a quick 30 minute session we quickly discuss how to look at what a session can do and bring. How can you prepare mentally in order to take full effect of the sessions and together decide what suits your needs best. - 30 minute online session over zoom. - Ask questions - Receive an online booklet (pdf) with information about your energy type. Human Design is a tool, but, like any tool, it's nice to have guidance in how to approach it in order to wield it best. This intake is included for free in the "Deep Dive" and "living with it" programs.

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