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1:1 Programs

In all 1:1 sessions you work directly with me. We take a deeper dive into your chart and together we look at which themes you want to tackle in your life. I am here to guide you, give you the tools needed to reconnect and decondition. You can think of me as your mentor, your cheerleader, your guide. Together we will talk and explore, your unique path will reveal itself through you.


These sessions are for you if..
 waant to learn about your emotional, psychological and energetic makeup 
 want to make life changes and decisions with confidence 
 want to increase your emotional intelligence 
 seek to deepen your self-knowledge and become more authentic
 seek personal empowerment and the feeling of being complete
 want to achieve deep inner transformations that manifest in external positive changes
 want to find your purpose and live the life you were meant to

All sessions and programs are online and available in both Dutch and English 


Flow Session

In this session we go through the basics of Human Design. You learn about your unique design and how you can navigate your world. You learn about your Energy Type, your authority and strategy. This is a good start in your journey of self awareness and to find your authentic self.

You get; 

  • 90 min sessions where we cover all the basics

  • your unique Human Design BodyGraph 

  • explanation about how you are meant to make decisions

  • explanations how you create opportunities and how you know you're on the right path 

  • opportunity to ask questions

  • your own personal guide with all that we covered in the session


Deep Dive Journey

In this session we take a deeper dive into your chart. You get 3 sessions in which we can tap into a theme that you want to work on. Together explore at how this is reflected in your chart and how we can translate it into your reality. The first session we focus on your chart and your conditioning. In the second session we will take a closer look at your gates and channels and see how this translates into your reality. In the third session we look at what is still needed to take the next step. This is a 3 month program where you have time to make a deeper dive and where there is enough time for integration

You get; 

  • 3x 90 min sessions divided over 3 months

  • everything from the Flow Sessions

  • a deeper understanding of your special gifts and how this relate to your direct reality

  • high quality recordings of our sessions in video and audio

  • opportunity to ask questions between sessions



Inner Healing and Deconditiong

This is the true deconditioning program. In this program you will work on a deeper layers. You get everything from Flow and Deepdive Sessions, only with this program we work in different ways. You get 2 breathwork sessions in which we can really touch the layer to let release whatever is holding you back. You will receive a personal meditation that you can use on a daily for deeper integration. This program is intended for deeper healing and deconditioning. Find your purpose and make the life changing decisions you always wanted to. 

You get; 

  • 5x 90 min sessions divided over 6 months

  • deconditioning on a deeper level

  • everything from the Flow Sessions

  • everything from the Deep Dive Sessions

  • 2 personal Breathwork sessions with a breath work coach for deeper integrations 

  • 1 meditation personalized to your needs 

  • a deeper understanding of your special gifts and how this relate to your direct reality

  • high quality recordings of our sessions in video and audio

  • opportunity to ask questions between sessions


What Clients Say

My human design Session with Ingeborg was a wonderful experience. I have always been interested in understanding why I am the way I am, why I make the choices I make and behave in a certain matter at work and in my private life. I wasn’t aware of the existence of Human Design before I spoke with a close friend, who introduced me to Human Design. Ingeborg was able to teach me very clearly in an un-complex way, the lessons of being my “true” self. From the single session I had with Ingeborg there were a lot of positives that came with me accepting myself entirely for who I am, regardless of it not being scientific backed by facts.  In some ways it was great to reconfirm some personal trades and behaviours I was already aware of, but that I wasn’t able to structure as well as she did. I truly recommend giving a session a go. I now feel I live life in a far more confident way, knowing myself so much better and accepting that I can’t control everything all the time.

Wouter B.

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