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Group Journeys

Find your path together. A group session is a great way to embark on a journey with others. The strength and energy of a group is so special and transformational. It's a great way to gain perspective, reflections and learn from others. For me group sessions have always been the most valuable sessions because I always got new insights on a deeper level. It's something else and a beautiful way to share, hold space for others and feel supported by the group.

I don't offer group sessions at this moment, but I am working very hard to create a beautiful and inclusive journey which we can make the deep dive we all need!

What Clients Say

My human design Session with Ingeborg was a wonderful experience. I have always been interested in understanding why I am the way I am, why I make the choices I make and behave in a certain matter at work and in my private life. I wasn’t aware of the existence of Human Design before I spoke with a close friend, who introduced me to Human Design. Ingeborg was able to teach me very clearly in an un-complex way, the lessons of being my “true” self. From the single session I had with Ingeborg there were a lot of positives that came with me accepting myself entirely for who I am, regardless of it not being scientific backed by facts.  In some ways it was great to reconfirm some personal trades and behaviours I was already aware of, but that I wasn’t able to structure as well as she did. I truly recommend giving a session a go. I now feel I live life in a far more confident way, knowing myself so much better and accepting that I can’t control everything all the time.

Wouter B.

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